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Proof Sales - Marine  0
Custom boat builder located in North Central Pennsylvania. (Added: 15-Oct-2005 Hits: 1142) | Rate | Visit
PT Jakobsen Indonesia  9.17
We build classic Dutch designed Launches and Sloops. These Launches and Sloops are hand made in hand lay-up GRP hulls and solid Teak finish. (Added: 11-Jan-2003 Hits: 2550) | Rate | Visit
PT. Eka Multi Bahari  0
Steel and aluminum Indonesian ship builder from 10 m to 100 m. (Added: 21-Dec-2006 Hits: 1483) | Rate | Visit
Quest Marine Inc.  0
Custom Boatbuilders with 65+ years expierence. We build in wood-epoxy, wood-composite, or all composite including vac bagged and kevlar parts. (Added: 2-Oct-2002 Hits: 1508) | Rate | Visit
Quest Marine Inc.  10.00
Custom Boatbuilders with 65+years expierence between this father and son team. "We build in wood\epoxy, wood\composite, or all composite(inc. Vac.Bagged carbon\kevlar Parts). We can do line drawings for hulls & decks to build your boat from the drawing board up. Capable of building class A Tooling for your production molds to be built on which we can finish to any stage of your choice up to building the first boat." (Added: 2-Oct-2002 Hits: 1684) | Rate | Visit
Rabon River Runners  10.00
Premier builder of hand crafted wood hunting and fishing boats. (Added: 3-Aug-2006 Hits: 1243) | Rate | Visit
Raceday Marine Custom Boats  10.00
Custom designs and construction. Why buy new when we can make your old one brand new for half the price. (Added: 27-Mar-2001 Hits: 2261) | Rate | Visit
Rain Forest Boats  0
Builder of fiberglass sport fishing boats. Also accept contract work. Located in Guadalajara Mexico (Added: 15-Feb-2004 Hits: 1815) | Rate | Visit
Redd's Pond Boatworks  0
I build and restore wooden boats, lapstrake and carvel. (Added: 31-Jan-2000 Hits: 1658) | Rate | Visit
Revenge Yachts  9.50
Revenge Yachts specializes in the construction of epoxy pre-preg sportfisherman. (Added: 6-May-2004 Hits: 1742) | Rate | Visit
Revival Classics  0
Revival Classics recreate classic yachts from the drawing boards of respected designers of the past, using modern techniques and woodworking methods to produce low maintenance yachts of similar weight ratio to the original design, affording the unique feel of their predecessors for the yachtsman of today. (Added: 12-Jun-2011 Hits: 723) | Rate | Visit
Riddle Boatworks  0
Custom wood-epoxy boat building in sail and power as well as classic and antique boat restoration, generally to about 50’. We offer a number of designs to suit a variety of needs: Classic and “retro” sail and power boats, high-performance sail and power boats, “Green” power boats with a variety of power options that are economical to run. And we are a resource for custom yacht design services as well. (Added: 29-Dec-2008 Hits: 887) | Rate | Visit
RiversWest  0
A community boatshop in Portland,OR. Spearheading development of a Willamette Ferry system, based on the historic Crater Lake tour launches. Boat building classes and educational programs. Sponsors the Portland Wooden Boat Show. RiversWest is a non-profit membership organization in Portland, Oregon, for people who love hand crafted boats. The mission of RiversWest,Inc. is to encourage the personal involvement in the building, recreational use and history of low-impact boats. (Added: 23-Jan-2006 Hits: 1198) | Rate | Visit
Rogers Special Projects  0
Rogers Special Projects is a custom builder of high quality yachts and components in wood, fiberglass and advanced composites. Our services include: boatbuilding, composite parts building, architectural fabrication and CNC machining. (Added: 10-Jan-2010 Hits: 852) | Rate | Visit
Ron-Ka Yachting Co.  0
Established 1967. Yacht Builder catered to construction of traditional Turkish Gulets using master carpentry with 3,000 square metre fully enclosed hangar plus additional dockspace and 300 ton lift facilities. (Added: 24-Apr-2008 Hits: 873) | Rate | Visit

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