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Alarm & Monitoring  9.33
Electrical Marine Designers, VCAM - Vessel Control & Monitoring. (Added: 22-Feb-2003 Hits: 1948) | Rate | Visit
All Electronics  5.00
Surplus and new electronic components for research and development, manufacturing and education. Much of our merchandise is unique, excess and closeouts from around the world. (Added: 4-Apr-2001 Hits: 3733) | Rate | Visit
Allied Wire and Cable  10.00
Distributor and manufacturer of electronic and electrical wire and cable, tubing and cable assemblies. We also specialize in custom-made cable or custom specialty cable for all wire and cable requirements including flexible cable. (Added: 5-Jun-2004 Hits: 1926) | Rate | Visit
Allied Wire and Cable, Inc.  1.00
Supplier of boat cable, marine cable and marine wire. We stock UL approved and low smoke shipboard cabling. (Added: 5-Oct-2007 Hits: 990) | Rate | Visit
Ancor Marine Grade Products  0
Supplier of UL listed products designed for the harsh marine environment. Wire size calculator and ABYC standards. (Added: 30-Oct-1999 Hits: 3882) | Rate | Visit
ASEA Power Systems  10.00
Manufacturers shore power converters in the power range of 8-125kVA. Systems available to convert shore power to the exact form required by the yacht, supplying frequency, phase, or voltage conversion as required. (Added: 4-Apr-2001 Hits: 2063) | Rate | Visit
Barden UK Ltd  0
Marine Batteries, chargers, inverters, solar panels and wind generators from Barden UK Ltd. (Added: 9-Feb-2005 Hits: 1337) | Rate | Visit
Bass Products, LLC  10.00
Bass Products, LLC has been the choice of the best boat builders in the nation for over 30 years. We can supply power distribution systems, communication and control systems, including electrical distribution panels, switchgear and comprehensive monitoring and control. (Added: 21-Oct-2006 Hits: 1237) | Rate | Visit
Battery Resource  3.00
Resource for and cost comparison of different battery technologies. (Added: 26-Jun-2000 Hits: 2102) | Rate | Visit
Cantalupi  0
Electrical distribution systems and control panels manufactured by Cantalupi are completely customized. Cantalupi Marine Electronics designs & produces: intercom, capitation rod, alarm systems, monitoring system, dimmers. (Added: 16-Feb-2007 Hits: 969) | Rate | Visit
Carlingswitch  5.00
Complete line of illuminated and non-illuminated rocker, toggle, pushbutton and rotary switches. (Added: 10-Feb-2000 Hits: 3641) | Rate | Visit
CR Control Systems  0
Marine lanterns, barge lights, LED Flashers, and lampchangers. (Added: 22-Sep-2004 Hits: 1209) | Rate | Visit
CruzPro  0
Specialized electronic instruments, monitor and alarms for boats: bilge water, LPG/carbon monoxide, battery monitors, engine/exhaust temperature, charge controllers, security systems, timers, and voltage. (Added: 4-Apr-2001 Hits: 1517) | Rate | Visit
Custom Marine Services  10.00
Specializing in circuit breakers and transfer switches, featuring fuses and fuse holders, indicator lights, bulbs & lamps, panels & panel meters, relays & solenoids, isolators, switches of all types and Hubbell wiring devices & products. (Added: 27-Jun-2001 Hits: 2571) | Rate | Visit
DC Battery Specialists  0
Stocking distributor and factory warehouse for OPTIMA, LIFELINE, SURRETTE, AND ROLLS Batteries. (Added: 4-Apr-2001 Hits: 1715) | Rate | Visit

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