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Arch Davis Design  8.33
boat plans, kits and videos for the backyard boatbuilder for sailboats, powerboats and rowboats   (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 40185) | Rate | Visit
Advanced kit boats from Working Boats UK  6.67
Advanced kit boats. Workstar 17 & 14 Prefix powerboat kits. Affordable, rapidly & easily built by anyone, anywhere. Modern wooden boatbuilding. Outboard powered, trailerable. Tested, proven.   (Added: 30-Sep-1999 Hits: 34274) | Rate | Visit
Glen-L Marine Designs  7.57
Boat plans designed for the home boat builder. On-line boat plans catalog, news letters, bulletin board, builder photos, how-to pages, and project registry.   (Added: 24-Sep-1999 Hits: 48433) | Rate | Visit
Bateau Boat Plans OnLine  7.25
Boat Plans for power, sail and small boats. Free Boat Plans. Kits and supplies plus boat building technical support. Plans for skiffs, small power boats, and sailboats. Power designs include the Phantom 16 and 18 open flats boats and the Mongoose 20. Sail designs include the 20' Vagabond +, 22' Serpentaire, and 30' Corto.   (Added: 7-Oct-1999 Hits: 184173) | Rate | Visit
George Buehler Yacht Design  7.67
Stock plans for sailboats and ships, as well as custom design.   (Added: 7-Oct-1999 Hits: 37787) | Rate | Visit
Bruce Roberts Yacht Designs  7.26
Steel and Aluminum boat Kits plus plans for all materials.   (Added: 20-Oct-1999 Hits: 40584) | Rate | Visit
Roberto Barros Yacht Design  7.91
Simple construction. Strong, fast and comfortable boats which have accomplished many ocean crossings and important voyages including circumnavigations. Superb steering control, high stability, large tank capacities and good aesthetics.   (Added: 20-Oct-1999 Hits: 35484) | Rate | Visit
Back Yard Yacht Club - Stevenson Projects  5.41
Plans for sailing dinghies, pocket yachts, fast daysailors, and more. Includes "the weekender"   (Added: 25-Oct-1999 Hits: 66737) | Rate | Visit
Clark Craft  5.88
Plans for bassboats, canoes, deckboats, driftboats, hovercraft, outboard hydros and powerboats, runabouts, and sailboats.   (Added: 25-Oct-1999 Hits: 63332) | Rate | Visit
Michael Storer Design  8.99
Stock Plans for wooden boats from 7 to 35 feet long.   (Added: 25-Oct-1999 Hits: 36987) | Rate | Visit
B & B Yacht Designs  7.08
Plans for kayaks, canoes, rowing boats, yacht tenders, skiffs, sail boats, power, and multihulls.   (Added: 25-Oct-1999 Hits: 91013) | Rate | Visit
Atkin & Co.  4.43
The famed Atkin double-enders, traditional offshore and coastal cruising yachts, rowing/sailing dinghies, utilities and houseboats.   (Added: 25-Oct-1999 Hits: 61912) | Rate | Visit
AquaSub  8.08
Plans for a one-man sports submarine. Designed for cruising near-surface with completely dry cockpit. Consists of central pod which is lowered between two pivoting pontoon-wings.   (Added: 30-Oct-1999 Hits: 82710) | Rate | Visit
Hartley & Brookes Associates  4.59
Hartley's boat plans - Since 1938 more than 85,000 Hartley boats have been built by amateurs.   (Added: 19-Jan-2000 Hits: 33431) | Rate | Visit
Common Sense Boats  6.20
Provides the first time and amateur boatbuilder with the tools they need to build a better boat than they can buy, including plans, information and project assistance and customer service.   (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 61442) | Rate | Visit

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