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AccuTech Marine Propeller, Inc.  9.33
Extremely accurate, high quality propeller repair to 60" in diameter utilizing state of the art computer scanning equipment. Also sales and Problem solving. (Added: 11-Jun-2004 Hits: 3459) | Rate | Visit
Black Dog Props  6.80
Computer accurate propeller repairs. (Added: 3-Dec-1999 Hits: 3452) | Rate | Visit
Bruntons Propellers  0
Bruntons design and manufacture propellers for all types and sizes of vessels. Their Autoprop and Varifold propellers for sailing yachts are class leaders. Bruntons custom division design and manufacture propellers and stern gear for superyachts, merchant ships and naval craft. The company has dealers and service agents all over the world - see their web site for details. (Added: 30-Apr-2008 Hits: 1271) | Rate | Visit
Connor Marine Engineering  0
Propellers, surface drive systems, consulting, custom design and engineering. (Added: 01-Jun-1999 Hits: 3213) | Rate | Visit
Custom Propulsion Systems dba Ellis Propeller  10.00
Custom Propulsion Systems has been specializing in custom boat propellers and marine hardware for more than 50 years as Ellis Propeller. (Added: 21-Oct-2006 Hits: 1594) | Rate | Visit
Custom Ship Propellers  4.00
Custom-Made Propellers from 26" up to 16'+ in diameter and 8 tons! (Added: 18-Jul-2001 Hits: 3416) | Rate | Visit
Dan's Prop Shop  0
New and used propellers and propeller repair. Large inventory of aluminum and stainless steel propellers. (Added: 1-Nov-2002 Hits: 3102) | Rate | Visit
Eris Propeller Foundry  0
Eris Propeller Foundry is the largest manufacturer of marine propellers in Turkey with over 30 years experience in the industry. Istanbul. (Added: 3-Feb-2004 Hits: 1881) | Rate | Visit
Hill Propellers  7.00
Props for recreation and racing. (Added: 3-Oct-1999 Hits: 4482) | Rate | Visit
History and Design of Propellers  8.71
The "History & Design of Propellers" e-book presents a detailed accounting of how the first "screw" applications were invented, and how they led to early ship propulsion. "How a Propeller Works", parts and functions of a properly designed propeller including material selection, and "advanced propping" techniques are outlined. This is a "must have" e-book for serious boaters, designers and enthusiasts that have "a need to know". (Added: 14-Dec-2001 Hits: 6003) | Rate | Visit
Kiwi Feather Prop  9.00
Outstanding motoring capability without any compromise in sailing performance at a substantially reduced price over competing products. (Added: 21-Jan-2000 Hits: 3062) | Rate | Visit
KiwiProps North America  0
The North American website for the Kiwi Feather Prop. (Added: 21-Jan-2005 Hits: 1306) | Rate | Visit
Len's Prop Shop  4.00
Full line of inboard and sterndrive props. (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 5981) | Rate | Visit
North Coast Prop Tech  0
Marine propeller sales and repairs using the Prop Scan electronic inspection system. (Added: 22-Oct-2003 Hits: 1265) | Rate | Visit
Prop Scan Marine Propeller Systems  6.00
Prop Scan Marine Propeller Systems can increase boat speed, reduced fuel consumption and eliminate propeller vibration. Prop Scan propeller software is powerful, accurate, intuitive and can help to solve any propeller problem. (Added: 29-Jun-2003 Hits: 2318) | Rate | Visit

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