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AHVPP  4.40
Sailboat performance prediction. Takes a yacht's hull offsets along with several other measurements to give the surge and moments on the hull and sails as functions of boat speed, course angle, etc. Adjusts boat speed, heel angle, sail trim, sail reefing, and heading angle to obtain the equilibrium of all surge forces and rolling moments and simultaneous optimization of sail settings. Aerohydro. (Added: 6-Nov-1999 Hits: 8436) | Rate | Visit
AutoPower  3.40
Advanced user interface enables optimization of hull parameters based upon twelve independent resistance and propulsion methods for displacement, semi-displacement, planing hulls, and catamarans. Autoship. (Added: 6-Nov-1999 Hits: 5178) | Rate | Visit
Boat Design Lab  0
planingRhino: Planing craft resistance prediction for the Rhino3D CAD platform. Capable of estimating the performance of your fresh or existing hull design by either reading geometry parameters directly from your 3D model or evaluating a hull from user provided data. quickPlaning: Planing craft resistance prediction for Windows. (Added: 20-Aug-2017 Hits: 167) | Rate | Visit
Calculation and Analyze of Propellers  3.65
Calculates Diameter and Pitch of propellers. It possesses resources for simulation, providing to the user the easiness of visualizing the acting of the boat for several diameter/pitch combinations. (Added: 23-Oct-2001 Hits: 6954) | Rate | Visit
Hullspeed  2.82
When designing a powered vessel using Maxsurf, Hullspeed provides a wide range of calculation methods to help you estimate the resistance and powering requirements of the hull: Savitsky pre and post planing; Lahtiharju for planing vessels; Holtrop for fast displacement hulls; Series 60 for large ships; van Oortmerssen for full form hulls such as tugs and trawlers; and Delft systematic yacht series for sailing yachts (Added: 6-Nov-1999 Hits: 6513) | Rate | Visit
HydroComp  4.58
Providing marine propulsion software and consulting services since 1984. Products include NavCad performance prediction software, PropExpert propeller selection software, and PropCad propeller CAD modelling software. NavCad allows prediction and analysis of vessel speed and power performance and selection of suitable propulsion components for virtually any type of displacement, semi-displacement and planing craft, sailboat and catamaran. (Added: 14-Nov-2000 Hits: 3814) | Rate | Visit
Michlet  8.09
Calculates the total (viscous + wave) resistance and far-field wave elevations of thin monohulls and multihulls. Dos or full screen windows. (Added: 6-Nov-1999 Hits: 6793) | Rate | Visit
Power Prediction Program  3.38
Calculates the powering requirements of vessels from merchant ships to planing vessels, using a variety of analytical and regression methods. The program can calculate the effect of appendages and the effect of changes in hull form parameters. In addition to calculating the resistance and EHP, the program also calculates the propulsive coefficients for each speed. (Added: 2-Mar-2005 Hits: 5355) | Rate | Visit
Propeller Design Program  5.75
The Propeller Design Program predicts basic propeller performance using design and off-design methods, from standard series charts for both conventional and ducted propellers. The data used are entirely non-dimensional and so may be applied to any size of vessel. Data cover the full Wageningen B-series of 2 to 6 bladed propellers, the Gawn series of high speed, 3 bladed propellers, and the Kaplan series in nozzles. (Added: 2-Mar-2005 Hits: 4012) | Rate | Visit
PropWorks2  7.84
Propeller selection and speed prediction software. Engine Spec's for all major OEM's. Complete database of all major outboard specs. Calculates effects of propeller "cupping". Calculates effects of propeller "slip". Easy "dial-in" RPM settings. All engine gear ratios are built in - just select your motor! (Added: 13-May-2000 Hits: 4923) | Rate | Visit
Sailfish Yacht Analyzer  4.22
Sailing Yacht performance analysis software. Comparison of a specific desing against statistics, creating VPP Polars (Performance Predictions, Velocity Predictons) and gives the possibility for parametric analysis. (Added: 30-Dec-2001 Hits: 4606) | Rate | Visit
Sailing Performance Software  3.50
FastYacht V++ runs real-time while drawing and does global design optimization. Provides IMS, Whitbread 60 and America's Cup rating information. Runs all types of yacht types and rigs, from proa to BOC to Admirals Cup. (Added: 6-Nov-1999 Hits: 5335) | Rate | Visit
Sea-Power  5.15
Resistance and Propeller calculations (Added: 23-Jul-2004 Hits: 3138) | Rate | Visit
SwiftCraft Speed & Power Software  4.08
SwiftCraft is a powerful new designer's tool for speed and power prediction of monohull vessels under 75 m (250 ft). Part of the SwiftWorks collection of marine performance tools, SwiftCraft has been developed specifically for designers and builders of motor yachts, patrol craft, small ships, supply vessels, ferries and other transit craft. Built upon nearly 20 years of technical development by the experts at HydroComp, SwiftCraft employs the most advanced parametric prediction capabilities to be found. Complementing the strength of its calculations is its easy-to-use interface. Modeled on web navigation, it is ideal for new users where a rapid learning curve is important and the time needed to complete a project must be minimized. (Added: 17-Sep-2002 Hits: 3261) | Rate | Visit
WinDesign VPP  3.79
WinDesign is a yacht velocity prediction program (VPP). The hydrodynamic and aero- dynamic force models are based on years of naval architecture and yacht research experience and provide excellent estimates for a wide variety of yachts. Wave resistance, heel drag, induced drag, friction drag, and added resistance in waves are based on advanced formulations. Tank model test data, CFD data, sail coefficients from experiments or other data sources can be used to produce a variety of meaningful outputs for evaluation and analysis. (Added: 2-Mar-2005 Hits: 8279) | Rate | Visit

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