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Altair Marine Limited  0
Designers of Composite and ply/glass multihulls. Designers and builders of Kayaks. (Added: 15-Feb-2012 Hits: 1161) | Rate | Visit
Amer 106 - Verme Yacht Projects  8.06
Luxury, high speed planing hull, waterjet propelled, pleasure yacht design. (Added: 11-Sep-2005 Hits: 5370) | Rate | Visit
Amorous Marine Ltd  10.00
Amorous Marine Ltd is experienced in the design of power and sailing vessels, including multihull designs for recreational and commercial use to various regulations/codes (Added: 11-Jun-2007 Hits: 3620) | Rate | Visit
Anders Design LLP  7.00
Fresh new Design Studio based in the UK, specialising in the exterior/interior styling of Luxury Yachts. (Added: 15-Mar-2006 Hits: 4013) | Rate | Visit
Andrei Rochian Yacht Design & Building  9.00
Yacht Design & Production Bucharest Guangzhou Hong Kong (Added: 20-Sep-2010 Hits: 2945) | Rate | Visit
Andrzej Skrzat  6.67
Polish yacht designer and stylist. (Added: 10-Feb-2004 Hits: 6926) | Rate | Visit
Antrim Associates  4.33
Sailing trimarans, catamarans, and monohulls. Worked on the 62' Electric Duffy Voyager. Site includes nice views of 3-dimensional CAD Models.   (Added: 24-Oct-1999 Hits: 41196) | Rate | Visit
Applied Concepts Marine Design  7.90
Custom yacht design, Naval architecture, and Marine design services from start to finish including conceptual artwork, model prototyping, hydrodynamic research, tooling & jig design, and all support drawings for manufacturing. (Added: 26-Aug-2002 Hits: 8561) | Rate | Visit
Architecture Navale Cadiou Josset  0
Naval architecture agency, experiment in ocean racing, sailing and working boat. Project management, boatbuilding tracking, consulting, subcontracting. (Added: 10-Mar-2013 Hits: 1320) | Rate | Visit
Archnav.de  9.31
The Shipbuilding and Ship Operation Process could be streamlined with 3D-modeling from archnav.de. Follow your ship from precontract through its entire lifespan. Raisdorf. (Added: 1-Mar-2004 Hits: 3903) | Rate | Visit
Argo Navis is a specialist design, engineering and consulting company, built on years of extensive experience in the marine, offshore, boat and yachting industries. The company comprises an expert team of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, naval architects, and analysts, dedicated to providing bespoke services of the very highest quality. The teamís collective skillset enables bespoke solutions from conception to delivery.The software we use encompasses naval design, finite element analysis, tooling and prototyping. Specifically: Solidworks, Rhinocerous, Autocad, Delftship, Autohydro, Patran and other CAD/CAM software facilitating outstanding quality design output, meticulous accuracy in measurements and renowned results. (Added: 4-Mar-2016 Hits: 433) | Rate | Visit
Arjen Keer Yacht & Interior Design  0
Full service naval architecture bureau in the Netherlands. Yacht & Interior Design from first sketch up to seatrials. (Added: 16-Oct-2014 Hits: 601) | Rate | Visit
Ars Technica Design Group  8.43
Studio specialized in design of motoryacht, sportfishing boat, cruising military and merchant ships following the whole development of the product. (Added: 18-Jan-2005 Hits: 3709) | Rate | Visit
Art Anderson Associates  7.17
Our firmís Marine Division offers expertise in the traditional naval architectural disciplines of hydrodynamics, structural design, and machinery design, as well as specialized skills in noise control, high performance vehicles, and vessel wake/wash analysis and prediction. (Added: 26-Jun-2001 Hits: 5524) | Rate | Visit
Arthur D. Darden, Inc.  5.00
Arthur D. Darden, Incorporated is the oldest naval architecture and marine engineering firm in New Orleans, and the successor to the original proprietorship established in 1955. Over the past fifty plus years more than 2,000 projects have been undertaken covering a wide range of subjects in the fields of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. (Added: 16-Mar-2009 Hits: 1683) | Rate | Visit

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