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Sabrosa yacht designer, Olivier Gouard, architecture navale. Designer of a class 40, ORC GP 42, moth international, Mini 6,50 transat. (Added: 1-Apr-2008 Hits: 1619) | Rate | Visit
SaburovDesign Ltd.  0
Company specialising in not only individual elaborated spectrum of modern yachts and motor boats; those are also classical and concept products designed with comfort, attention to details, reliability and durability… (Added: 14-Oct-2010 Hits: 923) | Rate | Visit
Samarelli Design  0
Work and recreational boat design (Added: 22-Mar-2011 Hits: 1051) | Rate | Visit
Sawaji Design  10.00
Sailing yacht and powerboat designs. Japan. (Added: 14-Feb-2002 Hits: 3108) | Rate | Visit
Schelotto Design  9.97
Yacht Design, Industrial Design, products, and industrial production. Research and Development, prototypes, stamps. CAD 3D Modelling. Studies and professional consultant. (Added: 9-Jan-2008 Hits: 3002) | Rate | Visit
Schickler Tagliapietra  9.00
New ground in the world of high performance yacht design, with novel solutions and advanced engineering. A sailing yacht's success, whether on the race course or cruising the ocean is determined first and foremost by the sailors. With focus on the sailor, America’s Cup level technology and second-to-none commitment, Schickler Tagliapietra unlock sailors' dreams. (Added: 22-Feb-2006 Hits: 1645) | Rate | Visit
Schoenauer Yacht Design  0
Fort Lauderdale, Florida based designer of custom and production yachts, sail or power. (Added: 12-Aug-2009 Hits: 1164) | Rate | Visit
Sciomachen Naval Architects and Yacht Designers  0
Large and commercial power and sail design. Italy. (Added: 24-Oct-1999 Hits: 2843) | Rate | Visit
Scott Jutson - Yacht Designer  6.50
Fast planing and long range displacement power catamarans (Added: 16-Jun-2009 Hits: 4028) | Rate | Visit
Sea Tech  9.75
Design of a wide range of motor yachts, boats, ferries, etc. in very short time. Our partners are "SteelCAD Consultants", Norway and "Choren Design and Consulting",Poland. (Added: 15-Apr-2003 Hits: 2314) | Rate | Visit
Seaton Design  1.00
Since 1969 this firm has successfully completed over 450 designs for pleasure, commercial, sail and power. Known for designs such as the Delta Marine “Zopolite” class, “Onika” and “Princes Gloria” and the Northern Marine's “Sprit of Zopolite” designs, Seaton was working on Trawler designs before the word was even coined. Based in Florida and Seattle probably works on a wider assortment of boat types than most other design offices. (Added: 22-Jul-2008 Hits: 1538) | Rate | Visit
Sharp Design Naval Architecture  9.00
Yacht design firm with primary focus on design and development of prestigious custom motoryachts. (Added: 26-Sep-2000 Hits: 2815) | Rate | Visit
Sherwill Design  0
Design consultancy with wide manufacturing experience in marine hardware, yacht design, product and concept design. (Added: 1-May-2001 Hits: 2107) | Rate | Visit
Shorebreak, LLC  0
Shorebreak is a marine development and design consulting firm, dedicated to achieving our clients' goals through attention to a balance of form and function. We specialize in the design of planing hull craft, however our experience can help with planning a refit, managing your marine construction project, or adding appeal to your marine product line. Used by manufacturers, custom boat builders, and boat owners, we are available to provide assistance and direction to your project. Good design and planning leads to efficient production and decreased construction costs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you. (Added: 14-Jan-2008 Hits: 1150) | Rate | Visit
Siewert Design  9.41
An award-winning designer of power and sailboats from 8 to 180 feet, offering comprehensive and personal service. (Added: 6-Aug-2003 Hits: 3375) | Rate | Visit

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